Building Websites using Joomla – Today’s Lesson – Auction Sites


It won’t be a misnomer to say that the internet has completely revolutionized the way business is transacted throughout the world. With advancing technology newer and newer additions are taking place each day when it comes to the domain of the World Wide Web. User friendly software that are available these days enable people to even build their own websites with relative ease. Even people without much of technical knowledge are able to build their own websites using such software. Joomla CMS is one of this software that has literally taken the internet world by storm. From building a simple website to a fairly complicated online auction website, you can literally do them all thanks to the advent of Joomla CMS.

During the early days of the internet websites were built out of the good old HTML. The browser went to these sites and you just went through the websites and gathered whatever information that you needed. Recent times have seen the advent of what are known as the open source community which has made several types of software easily available to people. This software has enabled greatly to empower websites. Joomla CMS is one of this software. It adds a lot of aspects on to a website such as security and functionality.

Technically speaking Joomla is a content management system and therefore the abbreviation CMS. The software therefore knows how to handle the content part of a website, where the content words are to displayed and where to display images on a websites. This apart the software also takes cares of audio or video clips on your website. The entire presentation of the content on the website is controlled by Joomla. One big advantage and reason for the popularity of Joomla is that it is available free of cost online. Almost anyone can use it for building websites.

Another huge advantage with Joomla when building an online auction site for instance is that you can save a lot of time and resources this way. Since Joomla organizes everything and also provides functionality you are assured of good results. Another big advantage with Joomla lies in the fact that the software has already been used successfully by hundreds of other people around the world and is therefore its efficacy is proven. This apart the entire maintenance part of the website too is easy if you were to build an online auction site using Joomla CMS.

With the coming in of Auction Factory for Joomla from The Factory you no longer need to be a computer whiz kid in order to build your own online auction site. This Joomla Add-on is all you need to start your Auction site. Such powerful components allow you to concentrate on main business rather then web programming or web design. All that you need to have is a clear idea about your business and the strategy that you want to implement online in order to make your website sell. The first thing that you probably need to decide upon is the number of products and categories that you are going to sell on your online auction site. Niche Auctions are becoming more and more interesting. You should also take into consideration the competition that you may be facing. With software such as Joomla being freely available more and more businesses are hopping online by the day and as such the competition is very intense. Even though you may not require much of technical knowledge to design and host your online auction site, you still need to be creative. This is especially true when it comes to the design part of your online property.

A good creative design is perhaps the first aspect that is going to attract consumers to your website in the first place. There are a lot of free or commercial Templates available on the Internet. Use one or adapt one. You will need to be imaginative while dealing with various aspects related to your online auction site. For instance you should be placing the images and the other content in strategic points on the web pages. Of course Joomla will help you out in placing the content but you still need to use your own intelligence in order to make your website more attractive. One great advantage with Joomla is that it provides you with additional things such as security and functionality. You on your part should also try and make your online auction site more and more functional. Making your website user -friendly will enable you to attract more visitors to your online property. This is only possible if users find your website attractive and at the same time functional. The functional part of your online auction site can be taken care off by allowing for easy navigation. Research has shown that any website that is easy to navigate attracts more traffic than websites which leave visitors confused.

Since you are building an online auction site, it is inevitable that you will be adding more and more products down the line, as time goes by. This is where the maintenance aspect comes into picture and this is where Joomla’s content management can help you out. Joomla is just about perfect for building an online auction site since it allows for addition of content and functionality to a website. You can find innovative features such as contact pages for sending email from visitors.

What is more spammers cannot hijack this particular function with Joomla. Yet another aspect where Joomla can help you out is with the addition of advertisements on your online auction site. Since you will be regularly changing or adding advertisements on the web pages, this could be done using Joomla. With Joomla the entire process of uploading advertisements is very easy and fast. You can also additionally change templates on a regular basis in order to attract more visitors. This apart editing files is also a lot easier with Joomla. All these aspects make Joomla CMS the perfect choice when it comes to an online auction site. With Joomla CMS becoming more and more popular you can find an entire community of users and developers that can help you out with add-ons, plug-ins and modules, as and when you need them. Just for you to see we have set up a demo auctionYou can go ahead, build and customize your online auction site and do it so even with a limited budget, thanks to Joomla CMS.


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