Advantage of a Joomla Open Source Content Management System


Joomla is a free content management system. This pretty much means that you can use it for anything that it can serve the purpose for. Many blogger will use either Blogger or WordPress for their blogs, it's only natural that they are most popular and well known choice, but most people do not know that you can create a blog as well. The reason that this can be really easy and good choice for someone to use for a blog is because the basic installation will give you the basics for a working website. If you will give you a page layout with many options that from you you can choose the right template for you. If you do not want to use a premade design then if you can afford a small fee then you can get a customizable design. You can even make the extra add ons a feature that is put into your website.

You can get different extensions that will allow you to use any number of functions and features. If you go to the Joomla extensions page then you can find the extension and module that you will need for the function that you want. A lot of these extensions you will be able to get for free while others you will need to pay for. If for some strange reason you do not find what you need then you can modify one that is already on there and use that. Or if you want to and you know how then you can create one from scratch. If you want to make one from scratch then you will need to know a bit about HTML or PHP but that is not that hard if you look at the existing codes.

Joomla has many features that are very nice and easy to use for a designer. It's a good idea to check it out and see what all the different features that they offer are. That way you know if they are right for you, however will all that that they offer it's hard to imagine that the Joomla system would not fit whatever need you have.


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