Web Design Tips That Beginners Should Consider


Practice Make Perfect

This universal truth is applicable to any kind of profession. You can learn and become proficient in Web Design related software, as well as programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike JavaScript, HTML, Photoshop, AJAX, Corel, CSS, jQuery and PHP.

Maintain Simple Designs

As much as possible, keep your web designs simple. You may have learned about many different graphics software in your course on web design. These include Corel and Photoshop, among others. Insert simple graphics that are suitable to your website to draw in more readers.

Use Small Website Graphics

By small, this does not mean too small. They should be moderate enough for readers to clearly see the image.

Use Communicative Graphics to Catch the Attention of Readers

As an advice, it is very important to use communicative graphics. However, it is risky to go overboard with graphics at a website.

Create Your Own Clipart

In order for your website to look striking, you should use perfect graphics. At times, though, you do not find anything beneficial for your website. Use Photoshop or your favorite tool to come up with your own graphics.

Choose a Standardized Theme

You should be consistent when choosing a theme for your website. This should be standardized and the same in all of your web pages. This way, your visitors will not get confused whenever they navigate your site.

Include a Responsive Design

Nowadays, responsive web designs are not only very popular, but also easy to learn. There are responsive design books that can teach you on how to integrate the responsive theme that best suits your website.

Make Navigation Simple and Easy

Make navigation simple by keeping internal and external navigation links open, as well as visible to readers.


There are a lot of SEO tips found on the Internet. Search on the basics like Title, Meta tags, plus relevant keywords.

Your website should be Compatible to Most Browsers

Make sure that your website is compatible to web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, among others.

Your website should be understandable.

Make your website look striking. When it is not properly arranged, visitors tend to leave your site. The spacing of characters should be kept to an optimum level for the best possible viewing.

Follow but do not copy

Follow and learn from the leading web designers. They can serve as an inspiration in your dream to be a successful web developer. However, never copy their articles.

Mingle with other designers to be a professional designer

You should continue to communicate with other designers even if you are a newbie or veteran. Always ask tips and tricks on web design from other designers and they will surely help you.

Use Your Freebies

You can download a lot of free stuff on the Internet. These include customized plugins that can be used in your website.

Be Passionate about your Design

Add passion to your web design and succeed in your career. Continue to practice since practice makes perfect. Never quit.


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