Simple Website Design Principles


Light design

Unless it is very important and necessary, use as little JavaScript and flash animation effects as possible. Do not use them for important functional aspects of your websites such as for the site menus. Do not make important information only accessible via flash animation or JavaScript. Your most important information need to be made available as text. Images, flash animation and JavaScript will take longer to load and may not be displayed properly on some browsers and internet connection.

JavaScript and flash websites are also harder to attract natural traffic from search engines. This is because they are hard to index. Search engine spiders seek out texts and keywords to know what a website is all about. With too much flash or JavaScript content, you leave search engines confused about what your website is all about.

Use proper colors

Some website design Birmingham colors strain the eyes and do not make navigation easy and pleasant. Do not place light colored text on darker background. The background color should be lighter than the text to make it easy to read. The color combination should be fitting and pleasant to look at. The text should be of proper font size to make it easy to read. If your website has the wrong use of colors, it will discourage your visitors from returning.

Easy to navigate

Always design your web design Birmingham from the user’s perspective. Multiple pages should be easy to access by all visitors. Use simple a navigational bar that is text based. Avoid using flash, images or JavaScript for your navigation bar. CSS offers simple, efficient and good looking navigational bars.


CSS makes it easier to design your website and allows you present your web content in a linear fashion. No mater where or how your text appears it will appear in a pleasant layout because of the CSS layout definitions. CSS helps you to arrange your content before the navigation link while still making it appear to the right or underneath it. CSS websites are also easier and faster to load and gives your web design Birmingham a consistent look when accessed from various browsers.


PHP websites load slower than HTML or websites using CSS tables. However, they are your best option for websites such as e-commerce websites, blogs and community websites. They are also great for websites where you wish to collect information from your visitors or allow them to make comments. Many seasoned web designers Birmingham make effective use of PHP to design websites. HTML websites also offer some of the same functionality and are even easier to load, but they use a database to retrieve information.


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