Make Your Website Interactive Using JavaScript


Many wise programmers use JavaScript to accomplish various activities related to form validation, browser identification, advertisement management etc. Using JavaScript effectively brings life to a website. It makes a website more user-friendly and interactive. Using JavaScript for client side programming helps a web page to act like a windows application. It also helps to make a web page feature rich and improves the performance of the website. There are thousands of ready made scripts useful for different purposes are freely available in the Internet, which you can use on your web site.

JavaScript can be used with any language normally used for web programming. Whether you are developing a PHP website or ASP for the server side programming, you can use JavaScript to handle all the client side activities.

Ajax and JavaScript

Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) is another emerging concept using Javascript. Usually a web page has to be refreshed every time a user requests some data. This result in a time delay and user can loose interest in the website. If you are using Ajax, it helps a website to display contents without even a need to refresh the web page. Ajax uses XML and JavaScript to make this happen. It also helps to transfer large amount of data from server side to client side without much delay using XML.

Learning JavaScript is very easy. There is lot of books and resources on JavaScript are available in the market. Even you can try different codes without any need of special software to be installed on your system.

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