How to Repair Internet Explorer Script Error


When Internet Explorer script error happens, it means that IE can not run a client-side script from the website you open. In some cases, Internet Explorer script error is a result of the website developer trying to implement the script on the web page. In other cases, the error is caused by your computer issues.

Disable Internet Explorer Script Errors

When the error is one of the first cases, the web develop insert some scripts like JavaScript, Jscript or visualBasice script that commonly cause the errors, there is not much you can do. You only can disable the error messages but can not solve it. You can follow the steps below to stop it.

1) Run IE and click Tools menu. Then select Internet Options item.
2) Click Advanced tab. You will see a list of Setting items.
3) Select "Disable script debugging" and uncheck "Display a notification about every script error"
4) Click OK.

Repair Internet Explorer Script Errors

If you complete the steps correctly, the error messages will not pop up again. Then you should examine your computer configuration. In some cases, Java Applets, Actives scripting, ActiveX are blocked by your IE configuration, anti-virus program or firewall, you should check all those items and allow the script.

Outdated or corrupted video card driver can also be the cause of the error. You should find out the model of your graphic card. Then go to the manufacturer website to download the latest driver and install it.

Another issue which can also cause error is invalid, missing or corrupted Registry keys. You should give your PC a full registry scan to clean up all registry errors. This not only can fix the Internet Explorer script error caused by the registry, but also resolve other errors and increase computer performance.


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