How to Make Sure That Javascript Pop Up Ads Can Run Properly


Are you thinking of employing Javascript pop up ads for your lead capture methods? Despite the negative publicity these types of ads are receiving, there are still a number of Internet marketers using them, simply because they know that they can still be very effective. What is important is that they should be done right.

However, there are a couple of issues that you need to get past before you can make sure that your Javascript pop ups can run properly on anybody else’s computer. You can address them through the following:

1. Inform them a very special message can be seen through a popup. One of the most effective things you can do to ensure that your Javascript pop up ads are visible is to inform the Internet user that you have one. Why? First, Javascript pop up ads will not run until the Internet users have actually downloaded the software that allows them to. A notice will give them a go-signal that they should get one. Second, they could be running popup blockers, which prevent them from seeing your pop-ups even if they have already closed your page.

2. Download an anti-popup blocker. So what is this really? This is actually a program that prevents a popup blocker from determining the real nature of your ad. Normally, popup blockers have been designed to block certain kinds of ads, usually based on the programming language used. What it does is to tweak your Javascript pop up ads a little, so you can “breach” the security of these popup blockers.

3. Publish on Google ads. Google per se doesn’t accept Javascript pop up ads or any other type of popup for that matter. However, you can still get through it by simply creating ads and have these published in the search engine as well as in other Google channels. Once the Internet users click on your ads, are redirected to your page, and close them, your popup ad will show. But then, this can only happen if they are not running their popup blocker or they have downloaded the software for Javascript.

4. Use a different code. There are some modifications that you can do for your Javascript pop ups, so you can still run them properly without downloading no. 2. There are plenty of tricks that you can learn by searching for them on the World Wide Web. Read blogs, message boards, and tutorials.

Have Another Alternative

Doing all of them can still be risky, though, as there will still be a number of them who will never change their minds about Javascript pop up ads. Moreover, you can even be reported to Google because of your habit. What you can do is to look for a lot safer and more effective alternative.

One of the best there is on the market is Traffic Locker. As its name suggests, it “locks” the Internet user to a specific page, where he will be invited to sign up to your mailing list or newsletter. An image or icon will also run with an embedded code, so you can keep track of his Internet habits.


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