Easy Tips You Can Use to Remove a JavaScript Error


Many website builders rely on JavaScript to make their websites functional. Functions such as drop down menus, image changes, and linking to other websites are all done through the JavaScript program. When a JavaScript error pops up, that means that there is something incorrect in the coding.

Letting JavaScript Errors Run on Your Website Could Cost Money

Experiencing a JavaScript error can be devastating for some website builders. It is a common error, but even a simple error can ruin the outcome of the website and make it confusing and frustrating for the end users. This can, in turn, cost the builder money as well as lose business.

Disable Error Alerts for the Firefox Browser

One way to help break the constant cycle of pop up error alerts is to manually change the option to enable or disable alert message pop ups. To disable these alerts for the Mozilla Firefox user do the following:

1. Select the "Tool" tab at the top of the page
2. Click "Options" and select the "Content" tab at the top of the box
3. Disable the alerts by unchecking the box "Enable JavaScript"

This will disable the alerts from interrupting you on the internet. However, even though the alerts are disabled, it does not mean that the errors are gone for good.

Try Using a Different Web Browser

Different web browsers react differently to different websites. Where one browser might encounter an error, the other will not. If the errors still occur through other browsers, try using someone else's account and even someone else's computer. If the errors stop when using someone else's PC, then it may be time to focus on cleaning your PC's registry.

Remove Temporary Internet Files from Internet Explorer

Your internet browser makes copies of the places you go and stores them in temporary files. A build up of these files can create errors in the system and they need to be emptied periodically. For Internet Explorer users do the following:

1. Select the "Tools" tab located at the top of the page
2. Select the "General" tab
3. Under "Temporary Internet Files" select "Settings"
4. Click "Delete Files" and hit "OK"
5. Click "Delete Cookies" and hit "OK"
6. Also, under "History" select "Clear History"
7. Select "Yes" and then click "OK"

Maintain Your PC's Registry

The JavaScript error Fix the if it still persists with a registry cleaner. Constant use of a PC can wear it down and the constant flow of information can clog up your registry, slowing down your computer. These errors can result from a faulty or corrupt registry.


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