23 Must Know Internet Marketing Terms Explained


When starting out online I found Internet Marketing terms very difficult to understand. The first time I heard of backlinks, fantastico and hits I did not have a clue. It all seemed like jargon to me. In this article I explain 26 must know Internet Marketing terms.

AD COPY: – This describes the actual information contained within your advert. If you write an eBay listing then the information it contains is your ad copy. Effective ad wording will in general lead to more sales.

BACKLINK: – Refers to links on other websites that link back to your website. For example, if I place a link on website A to website B then this is classed as a backlink. Increasing the number of backlinks to your website is one way to increase the popularity of your website in the search engines.

CAMPAIGN: – Usually refers to advertising campaigns . It describes all the work you are doing to advertise a particular site, service or product. For example, if you advertise via AdWords then this is an AdWords campaign, if you advertise to your newsletter subscribers via email then this is an email campaign.

DEDICATED HOSTING: – A type of hosting where your website is hosted on its own dedicated server. Dedicated hosting provides greater computing power and capacity than shared hosting but is also more expensive.

ECOURSE: – An email course. Usually a series of informational email lessons which aim to teach you a specific topic.

FANTASTICO: – A commercial script library which automatically installs web applications such as blogs and content carts on a website. Fantastico scripts are usually executed through the cpanel area of ​​the website.

GIVE AWAY RIGHTS: – This is when you have the rights to give away the product for free. These rights are particularly useful when you want to offer a free bonus with your paid products or provide a free incentive for people who subscribe to your newsletter.

HITS: – A single hit is recorded each time a file request is made for one of your webpages, images or other files. For example, if a visitor loads one of your webpages with two images this would count as three hits.

IM: – An abbreviation of Internet Marketing . Internet Marketing is simply the process of marketing products or services online to make money.

JAVASCRIPT: – Another type of coding / scripting language that can be used to 'write' webpages. Javascript was originally developed by Netscape. It can interact with HTML code allowing web authors to add dynamic content to their website.

KEYWORDS: – Words or phrases that you are trying to target and work with for a given advert, article, website or product. For example, if you are selling a chicken recipes ebook then keywords could include "cooking chicken", "chicken sauce" etc. The use of keywords is particularly important when trying to generate search engine traffic, as these are the words people will type into search engines to find your article, product, website etc.

LANDING PAGE: – Landing pages are used by affiliates. A landing page is the page in between your advert or article for a merchant product. A review of a product containing an affiliate link to that product would be an example of a landing page.

MAILING LIST: – A list of people who have opted in to receive emails from you and / or your company. A good way to organise your mailing list is through the third party service Aweber which I use myself. Possible uses for a mailing list include sending out an ezine, sending out product details or conducting research.

NEWBIES: – This refers to those who are new to something and in the context of Internet Marketing it refers to people who are new to Internet Marketing.

OPTIN: – This is when someone has opted to be part of your mailing list. Most newsletters now require double optin where someone first opts to be part of your mailing list through a form and then confirms their optin (double optin) by clicking a link in an email that is automatically sent to them after filling out the form. Double optin allows you to comply with many of the rules governing junk email but also allows you to be sure that the optin has an active email address.

PAGE LOADS: – The number of times your webpage has been loaded. It is a popular way of counting people that visit your site but it is not as good as Unique Visitor Count.

RECIPROCAL LINKS: – The process of exchanging links with another website. Example For, the if the I Agreed to place a link to Http://www.abc.com/ from one 's of my websites and in exchange they 're placed a link back to my website, then this would be a reciprocal link.

SALES COPY: – This is very similar to Ad Copy. It describes the information written on your sales page.

TEMPLATE: – Refers to a pre- designed webpage which comes with all the relevant text and images. All that is required is for you to fill in the blanks with your own text. For example, all my resellable ebooks (including this one) come with a pre-designed sales page that contains all the relevant text and graphics. All you have to do is perform any edits that you wish.

UNIQUE VISITORS: – A method of measuring traffic to your website which records the number of unique IP addresses that visit your website. For example, if you get 100 visitors to your website each day and 50 of these are from IP addresses unique, then you are getting 50 unique visitors per day.

VIRAL MARKETING: – A method of marketing which relies on people sharing the information you provide to them so that it can reach as wider audience as possible. The name originates from the term 'spreads like a virus' because your aim is for your marketing efforts to spread across the Internet like a virus. So if you provide some information to 2 people, they pass it on to 2 more people each, then those 4 pass the information on to 2 more people each, your information will soon begin to spread across the Internet. An example of viral marketing is the resellable ebooks in my eBay store. Whilst they provide valuable information to the reader they are also a great promotional tool for me, because the reader will associate the ebooks with The eBook Cavern.

WORDPRESS: – A popular website and script that is used for blogging (writing and managing your blog). WordPress blogs allow you to add pages to your blog as well as posts.

ZWORKS: – A meta Suche engine located at Http://www.zworks.com/


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