Java Vs .Net


Java and DotNet (.Net) are very popular and powerful programming languages that any coders need to know to operate their products. Today, I will show you the exclusive differences between these two famous language.


· .Net

  • Easy to develop, good supported tool (Visual Studio).
  • Develop interface easily on Windows.
  • Work well with other technology of Microsoft (COM, DCOM).

· Java

  • Design architecture is very good
  • Powerful community – open technology and many exciting technologies are invented by community (for example: Hibernate, Spring …)
  • Run well on different platforms (especially with Linux)


· .Net

  • Only good with Microsoft’s components.
  • Close source code though designs and specifications are open
  • Help developers too much
  • It is difficult to intervene into “under” architecture.
  • Though having Mono project for Linux, applications written by.Net only runs well on Microsoft operating system.
  • Have to pay money for Microsoft to develop.

· Java

  • Difficult to develop (especially with debugging)
  • Supported tool is not strong as.Net
  • Speed is not high as.Net programs.
  • Source code security mechanism is not so good as.Net

Generally in personal experience, when you need to develop a software that runs on Windows, you should use. NET, because the development is very fast and easy. Conversely, if you need to develop a large application (Enterprise size) and it operates on many different platforms, you should use Java. Although it is more difficult to develop, with good architectural design, will make operation capabilities stably and greater scalability.

If you are wondering which language you should choose, I suggest you should select both languages. Java and.Net language are important languages at present and in the future.


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