What is HTML and What is it Used For?


What Is HTML? HTML: H -Hyper T -Text M -Markup L -Language-is the language used to write web pages.

You can view HTML pages in two ways: One view of appearance is via a Web Browser. The other view is called “HTML Code” – this is the code that tells the browser what to do.

The HTML codes: Letters and words are enclosed in “” marks are called “tags”. They tell the browser what to do. The

tag tells the browser to make a bold text. The tag means to stop making a bold text.

What Is A Tag? In HTML, a tag tells the browser what to do. When you write an HTML page, you enter tags for many reasons – to change the appearance of text,to show a graphic, or make a link to another page. The tags you write are not visible on the browser, but their efforts are.

Tags begin with the symbol “” Tags usually come in pairs, one that begins an action and one that ends it.

This tag: “I” starts printing italicized text This tag:

stops the effect of a previous tag. Note the “/”

To italicize a word you simply put

before the word and the after it.

When you write an HTML page, you see all the tags and can change them. When you view a page on a browser you see the result of the tags. You do not have to remember all of the tags at the moment but you should understand what a tag is and how it works. That way you can correct errors in your page more easily.

What is The Simplest HTML page? Here is the very least HTML code that can be called a page:

The message here shows at the top of the browser when you view the page

This is my message to you!


Always type a title between the

andtags. This title will appear at the top of the browser display.

Your page contents go between the


tags. You can go ahead and type this code in any text editor and if you save it as a plain text with a file suffix or .html (example testpage.html), you can view it with a browser.


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