Uploading Videos to YouTube


YouTube has attracted a tremendous amount of attention in recent years as the place to find independently created Web videos. You can not only upload your own videos to YouTube.com for all the world to see but also use the site as a hosting site for videos by simply adding a link to any video on YouTube to your own Web site. As you see in this short task, YouTube makes it easy to upload and link to videos. Just be aware that when you upload your own video to YouTube, you give up some rights to your content. (Read the agreement at YouTube.com for more details about copyright and other legal issues.) Also, you can upload only videos that are smaller than 100MB and take fewer than ten minutes to play. According to the site: "YouTube accepts video files from most digital camcorders, camcorders, and cellphones in the .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG file formats." You can also upload files in the Flash video format. The good thing is that most videos can easily work within those parameters. If your video is ready to post, follow these steps:

1. Before you can upload videos, you must first register at YouTube, a free and reliably painless process that simply requires filling out a form on the site.

2. To upload a video, click the Video Upload link in the upper-right corner of any YouTube page, and then use the Browse button to locate the video file you want to upload from your hard drive. Fill in the fields in the upload form to describe the video and add keywords, to make it easier for YouTube visitors to find your video when they search the site.

3. When uploading is complete, YouTube displays a confirmation page that includes HTML code you can add to your own Web site or blog to display your video on your own site. To do so, click and drag to select all text in the box under the words Embed this video on your website and then press Ctrl + C to copy it.

4. To view your video on the YouTube site, click the name of the video in your My Videos list. You can also find your video on YouTube by searching for the keywords or title you entered when you uploaded the file. Also, if you inserted a link to your YouTube video directly in a page on your web site, ensure that your video is displayed correctly.


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