The Recall Of The Epic Treadmills T60


The Epic T60 is a line of treadmills manufactured by the ICON Fitness company. The Epic Treadmills T60 model was recalled as a result of assembly concerns in August 2005.

Available for purchase exclusively at wholesale retail mogul, Costco, ICON’s Epic Treadmills T60 is a form of fitness equipment commonly priced at under one thousand dollars. Other Epic Treadmills are the 450 MX, the 600 MX, the 800 MX, and the 1000 MX. The fold able Epic T60 Treadmill was designed especially for a home gym, but is equipped for use in sports training, and lightweight and heavy duty fitness routines. The motor of the Epic T60 Treadmill carries a twelve year warranty. The frame of the unit is under warranty for fifteen years. Parts and labor enjoy warranty protection for one year.

The Epic T60 Treadmill sports a 3HP commercial grade continuous duty motor. The unit’s walking deck measures in at twenty by sixty, with a PWM controller. Users workout on a two-ply commercial belt. The treadmills nearly six and a half centimeter front and rear rollers adjust at an incline of up to twelve percent. There are six LED window displays and digital controls. Similar to traditional treadmills, the Epic T60 does not require use of the arms.

Featuring a cushionable platform that can be adjustable as well as large surface platform that can support up to three hundred fifty pounds, the Epic T60 Treadmill sports a strong motor, pulse sensor meters, and incline power as it’s top-selling points. The Epic T60 Treadmills keeps tabs on features like time, distance, calories burned, speed, and pulse.

Pre-programmed workout routines are popular amenities associated with Epic’s T60 model treadmill. There are ten preset programs, two pulse programs, and two user defined programs. The IFit Technology, an exclusive accessory for ICON equipment is a staple on the Epic T60 treadmill. IFit’s helps users control exercise vitals like speed and incline. Home stereos, personal computer systems, MP3 Players, IPODS, and other domestic technology can be connected to the T60 in hopes of adding sight and sound to a workout plan.

In August 2005, ICON Fitness, the company behind the award-winning NordicTrack line of fitness gear, were faced with concerns over the safety of the Epic Treadmills T60 model, particularly when assembly instructions are not followed properly. There were reports of minor foot injuries, as well as property damage. The company recalled approximately sixteen thousand models of the treadmill.


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