Sending HTML Email – The Easy Way to Create & Send a HTML Email!


Although you know that sending html email is a great way of branding your business and encouraging people to read your emails – you may be put off by the thought that creating this type of email is difficult. The thing is, you're wrong! I'm going to show you just how easy it actually is enjoy the benefits of html in your emails …

I will base this on Outlook Express. Here is what you need to do:

o Create a new folder on your desktop and add into it any images you intend to use in your email – it is important to do this or you will run into problems later with your images not showing in your email.

o Go to your favourite HTML web editor (Kompozer is free) and open up a new web page.Compose your email message using your favourite colours and fonts. You can add images, tables and forms – just as you would for a web page.

o Save the page to the new folder you created.

o Go to Outlook Express and click on Create Mail. In the message window, click where you want to add the web page text.

o Click on Insert and then Text From File. Change the type of files to HTML files.

o Locate the new folder you created.

o Add an address and subject to your email and you're done!

That's all there is to sending html email. Obviously it helps if you have a few web building skills using a web editor such as Kompozer. Nothing to difficult, the basics will be sufficient.


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