Most Common Ezine Formats


This article is specifically written for those who are looking for the ezine formats. There are three most common ezine formats that people use. Just have a look at the explanation:

You can choose from any three following formats:

The most common of all the three formats is text. In this format there is no need to learn any special skill like in Word or Notepad. You just have to write what you want.

The HTML ezine publication is used to make the newsletter attractive. For this you have to learn the basic HTML programming. Using HTML you can easily add attractive features to your newsletter. Attractive newsletter joins more subscribers and hence more traffic. Text ezine does not offer these features.

Not only this, HTML is also used to use different fonts, pictures and many other things which again make the newsletter more attractive. There is one disadvantage of choosing HTML publication. The spam filters block some HTML mails.

Last but not the least is PDF ezine. Writing an ezine in PDF format is bit time consuming but the result that you get is wonderful. PDF format ads professionalism and hence make a quality readership.

No doubt, this format is least used in ezine publication but it is good in driving high traffic. The affiliate links can also be placed in an ezine publication and the readers are also allowed to pass it to their friends.

Exine publishing is totally free of cost and the best online business. Using this business you can easily drive traffic and increase sales.

It is not important that you choose only one format. Now, publishers are choosing more than one format to increase popularity.


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