Making Your Pop Up Ads More Effective With a Hover Ad Script


A hover ad script can be used along with HTML or embedded in it. It can be activated on the computer of a user when he loads a document or when a link is activated. When used with HTML, it is not dependent on the scripting language used on an ad, but it offers a means to make a HTML document interactive.

Hover ads make use of scripts that are triggered by various activities which affects it such as loading and unloading of a web page, movements of the mouse, element focus and other such events. They can also be used on link buttons to create elements for a graphical user interface. There are also scripts which accompany an online form that processes data as they are entered, such as those sign up form pop ups for emails.

This kind of ads – which cannot be stopped or killed by pop up killer programs – can be created from your own browser using a simple script. Unlike a software application, you can use a script from your Universal Resource Locator and view what you have created from your browser. You can also charge a subscription fee for its use. Some of the uses and advantages of such a script include creation of hover ads, ease of use and creation of ads from your browser. Even if you do not have knowledge on Dynamic HTML or JavaScript, you can use a script.

A hover ad script can also be used to produce ads in a layer which scrolls down from the top of your screen. It is not affected by pop up ad blockers so your advertisement will continue to generate sales for you. Another script for hover ads makes the ad fade in and out of a screen instead of floating in so it gets more attention from users.


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