In this short HTML tutorial, I explain the basic structure of an HTML webpage and introduce some important tags.

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  1. when putting in the picture, it did not show up on my webpage, just a small image of a picture. Anyone know what the issue may be?

  2. Hi Jake, thanks for your comprehensive videos. I just want to know how can we incorporated html with our websites and how can we generate web generated leads by using this.

  3. Ur like, smart n stuff! ;D Thanks for sharing this info. You are very good at explaining stuff… You earned a like and sub. Earned it.

  4. Notepad? which screens do programmers use to write real programs? I have never heard a ''coding for beginners'' tutor actually show (click by click) how to access the page or screen used to write programs! Can anyone help?

  5. great.. but my image is not shown.. !!! there is red cross mark!!! other things are perfectly as it is.. so help me to show my image in my web site???

  6. was i suppose to save this file twice? i saved it as an html but now when i try to open it in text edit it doesn't have any of the html formatting just everything that the website has

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