Is Konquer Kompozer the Best Way to Learn How to Use Kompozer?


Konquer Kompozer was released at the end of 2008 and is being pitched as the definitive video training for newcomers and seasoned website creators alike. Many web authors are aware of how to create basic websites but there has never been any kompozer video training that has promised to cover all of the aspects to a degree that every feature of the software is taught in an easy to follow and descriptive tutorial format.  An all in “Kompozer guide” if you will.

Consisting of 12 video modules, covering the features of Kompozer from basic installation and configuration through to the more advanced features such as using cascading style sheets for page layout instead of the usual table formatting methods that are more commonly used.  The narrator and author of the video training is also very easy to understand and takes you through each and every part of Kompozer step by step.  The presentation is methodical and follows a logical path from taking you from complete beginner to an advanced webmaster in a relatively short period of time.

I think as word spreads about Konquer Kompozer, more people may take the opportunity to use the free Kompozer HTML software instead of opting for the expensive commercial solutions such as Dreamweaver and now they have a viable option to learn how to use it instead of aimlessly clicking buttons and hoping for the best.

Of course there are and always will be the free alternatives available on the internet that you can look at to try and learn the art of HTML coding and website design, but this method can be laborious and time consuming for those of us that don’t really have the time to piece together random information and just want the solution to be available in one spot with an actual path of learning laid out for them.

The main drawback to the Konquer Kompozer video training is that the size of the file download exceeds 300MB.  This won’t be a problem for those with broadband or cable connections to the internet, but those unfortunate to still be on a dial up solution may want to look elsewhere to satisfy their Kompozer video training needs.


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