HTML Web Templates – Keep it Clean!


HTML Web Templates need to be clean and simple. In other words all too often you will see templates that are cluttered with unnecessary images, boxes and a whole pile of other items that you will probably never use and will only confuse your customers.

Do not overwhelm them

Do you need web templates to create a website and possibly go on to making a little, or a lot, of money online? If so then the 'clean' option is not just some design preference of mine but is based on the proven habits of people visiting website. If they are faced with a blizzard of links, images, ads, colors, videos, comments, offers, etc. then there is a very good chance that they will find the whole experience overwhelming. Often their reaction will be to simply click away – potential customer lost!

You need your html web templates to ensure that your visitor finds what they are looking for instantly. The information, product or service is there, on the landing page, nothing is distracting them and they certainly do not need to start clicking on anything to find what they were originally looking for.

Clean and simple does not, of course, mean amateurish looking. Your site should be attractive, easy on the eye and convey the right look depending on your niche. You would not for example want a predominately black and gray site with a heavy metal look selling children's toys. An extreme example, I know, but I think you will understand what I am trying to say.

Faster and cheaper

I'm a great fan of templates and I assume you are to. They are a great short cut to website creation, faster than building the site from scratch and far less expensive than outsourcing the design and production of the whole thing.


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