HTML Lesson 9: Comments



In this lesson you will learn the usage and importance of Comments in a HTML code. Usually, a webpage has 1000’s of HTML code lines. For a developer it is difficult to locate the code. The comments will help you in this. Also, it will help you in understand that what you are doing. Just like any HTML Elements, a Comment also has a opening and end tag. Comments are not visible to reader they are just for a you. So feel free to use them!

Here is a simple demonstration of comments usage.

Comments usage in multiple browser

Abour 10-20 years ago, there were very few devices or browsers who supports the internet. But now-a-days there are numerous devices; therefore, it is your responsibility to make your website compatible for every devices. Importantly, every device or browser has different set of codes. To differentiate the code, you can use take help of comments. For example, for Internet Explorer you can use following comments.

Next Lesson

In the next lesson you will learn about the HTML List.


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