HTML Guide


What is HTML? HTML (Hypertext markup language) is basically the language used to build web pages. HTML documents uses tags to describe how a web page should display. Web browsers interpret tags differently, therefore when writing a code, a webmaster must be as exact as possible.

It is essential to learn HTML if you are planning on creating or maintaining a website. It is a skill worth having because it can be used for a variety of applications. By learning HTML, you will begin to understand how web pages work and function. There are other computer languages such CSS (cascading style sheets), javascript, and much more. However, HTML is the base language and other languages can be used in conjunction with it.

In my opinion, HTML is a fairly easy language to learn. There are thousands of books and ebooks on how to learn HTML. A great guide to have is the HTML Video Tutorials. With the HTML video tutorials, you will never need a boring book or manual again. These video tutorials teach you how to become a HTML pro and how to make your web pages stand out from the crowd.

This video collection consists of 14 excellent videos, that will not only teach you the basics of HTML, but will teach you how to make some extra cash from your site once you have it up and running. Now that’s what I call an excellent collection!

Once you know HTML, you will not have to worry about hiring another webmaster again. You can be in charge of your own site. Learn it now, and save money in the future!


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