HTML Email and Newsletter Templates – Three Differences


Marketing on the Internet has become a lot easier thanks to HTML based emails and newsletters. However, designing both of them is a challenging task. You can use templates to organize the layout of your newsletter. The overall look depends entirely on the way you customize your emails and newsletters. So, the question remains, is there a difference between HTML newsletters and email templates.

For one, newsletters can be HTML, plain text and PDF designs. Among the three, HTML based newsletters are the most popular among marketers and subscribers. Newsletters designed in HTML look professional and elegant, as compared to PDF. It's easier to develop a newsletter in HTML. HTML newsletters look better than plain text because you can add images and other graphics. However, you may have to deal with some compatibility issues as they do not look the same on all computers.

In newsletter templates, you can decide the amount of content you wish to add. For instance, you can easily have a newsletter that goes beyond three sections. In emails, the content would be limited. You should keep it as short as possible. Your customers should not get bored while they read the email. The best thing to do is to add a teaser to pique their curiosity and provide a link, where they can find out more about your product or services.

With HTML based emails, you have to ensure that they are readable. The background you choose should not distract your readers from the content. If you intend to add an image or images for background, you should make sure that your clients will be able to see them. The alignment of the text should be towards the left, except the headlines.

You can use graphics in HTML based email, just like newsletters. However, you have to be judicious, while you are at it. Your readers will get distracted from what you wish to communicate to them, if you have added too much graphical content. A number of mail clients and services do not permit graphics therefore all your clients will see are empty boxes.

These are some differences between HTML email and newsletter templates. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you send your clients emails or newsletters depends entirely on your discretion and the objective of the campaign. However, when used properly, both can give your online reputation and sales a huge boost.


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