HTML Editor – Some Common Design Principles


A lot of people out there today are trying their best to design
their own websites without knowing what they are doing. They
are not using the right HTML Editor or coding things properly for
success. There are many other things to know before just building
a website, these are common principles most professional web
designers know and use.

Your Website Color

One thing a lot of people do not realize, that website colors
make a big difference on how their visitors will react to their
It offers. There are some colors that will make people comfortable
and at ease, while there are other colors that are difficult for
people to read and even hurt their eyes and they have to strain
to read the website. Using these colors will make people click a
way from your website before even reading one single word. Keep
to using only two different main colors for your website and make
sure the colors do not clash. The best put together websites,
are the ones that use a simple white background with black text,
this is the least likely to harm or strain someones' eyes.

Your Website should stay in Balance

Maintaining balance in your website can be done using colors that
will complement each other. Some common colors people use is a
dark color in the background and a lighter color in the
foreground. Do not make all your text different colors as this
might look good to you, but it can make the text difficult for
others to read. Always design your website with our visitors in

Putting Lines in your Website

Almost all websites use horizontal lines to separate different
parts of the website. You can change the colors to these lines
easily enough. Make sure that you do not over due with these
lines, it can be confusing to your visitors. You can have the
horizontal lines and even have vertical lines to separate things.
You will see the vertical lines that will separate the navigation
information that is nested on the left or right hand side, this
makes it easier for visitors to understand what is the actual
website and what the navigation is.

Making Text Stand Out More

With most websites it is common to make part of your text bigger
than the rest, as this is what you want your visitors to notice
first. Do not make this part too big or loud with color, it will
be more annoying and visitors might just skip over it. Having
things just a bit bigger and a different color (commonly red) a
visitors eyes are drawn to this part and they will read this to
get the idea of ​​the text to follow.

One easy way to create this and all effects of a website is by
using a good and reliabe HTML Editor. Be careful in choosing one
as not all are the same. A lot of HTML Editors do not always let
you put your own pictures into the template and you can only use
the templates they offer.

So when choosing an HTML editor, research what it does and does
not do.


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