How to Learn HTML


For many, HTML looks very difficult and troublesome to comprehend. When taken in steps however, it is the opposite; easy and insightful. It is important to look at the codes closely rather than declaring it seems hard to learn at first glance. HTML is very useful even if you just learn the basics, and as you apply these you may need more knowledge as you progress. Either way it is always useful.

– 1. Get a web-space

Whether you learn by using a book, a friend, a website or a tutorial true knowledge will only come when you experience building a web-page by yourself. It’s now left for you to search the web to find a free hosting site to host your learning project. All you need to do is search on a search engine for “free home page,” or “free website”. There are many available so chose one and sign up.

2. Choose a topic

After you have selected your hosting site you need a topic to base your website on. It is not necessary that you get a top ranking topic. You only need it for your learning purposes. Next, based on the topic you selected, write a few paragraphs and chose some graphics. Now you are ready to start.

– 3. Select a reference

You have probably selected a tutorial to learn from already but in case you haven’t use w3schools. This website offers the best resources to learn HTML on the internet. Everything is provided; from basic to advance with detailed references. In addition, the website allows you to practice your skills and display the results on the same page in HTML format.

Helium also provides HTML articles such as “A Beginners Guide to HTML” which you can use. And of course there are numerous text books and also your friends available to help you learn. Which ever learning route you chose, the main thing is that you start.

– 4. Get the print on the page

It is not necessary that you learn everything about HTML before you can start to build a webpage. It is always more productive to learn in steps and grasp the concepts. The good thing about website designing is that it can be modified as you progress in building it. Firstly you need the main content, after you can learn how to format it, arrange it, color it, size it, add graphics, links and widgets.

– 5. Links

One of the best things you can do to take advantage of the web is to link your pages to other sites. Take some time to search for other sites that offer more information about your topic and add links to their pages.


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