How To Choose Real Estate Software – What Features Are You Looking For?


Before you commit to any buying any type of real estate software for your website, you should begin by determining the needs of your business and the features of software that is on the market.

Answer and then print out the checklist below of the features that you need before you begin your browsing.

Real Estate Software Features

You may know exactly what you are looking for, or perhaps you are new to software for your website and are confused where to get started. Regardless of your knowledge of real estate software, it is important to understand certain features that are available on the market.

Questions to ask yourself

* What is the main purpose of adding real estate software onto your website?

If you are a Realtor, then the main function is likely to show your properties on your website to your possible buyers and make it simple for them to find what they are looking for. If you are a web entrepreneur, then your purpose may be to create a real estate listing website in South America and then allow other people who are selling their homes to add it to their website. Your purpose may be to create a website that generates income through advertising and subscription sales.

* Will this be your personal Realtor site or an entrepreneurial web venture?

If it is your personal site, then you will be the only person adding your property listings. Some software also allows you to sell subscriptions so that other people can list their properties on your site as well. For this option, you do not have be a Realtor, but instead a web entrepreneur who sees the benefit of a property listing website in a certain area that someone selling their home or other Realtors can add their properties to.

* If you allow other people’s listings, will it be a free or paid listing site?

If you offer a free-listing site, then you have the opportunity for a high amount of users listing their properties (which means high traffic), and a good chance that you could create income by selling advertising space on your site. The second option is to offer a basic free option, and then upgrade package (that costs more) that would allow users to upload images, receive higher ranking and so on.

* How computer savvy are you?

If you are familiar with PHP and HTML, then it would be ideal to find open-source software that allows you to make any sort of modifications needed as they come along so that your software can grow as your business does. If you have no idea what PHP or HTML are, then it is important to have software that is ready to go and easy to use immediately after download. Ideally, you would like to install the software onto your site and begin adding your property listings all in the same day.

* What is your budget for your website?

If you are just starting out, you are probably finding that there are a variety of costs to get going with your website. You can certainly find high-quality software with excellent features for around $50.00.


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