Free HTML Newsletter Templates – Where to Find Them


Creating a newsletter involves doing several things such as choosing a topic, finding a title, and creating content. The newsletter template is also important. Several publishers dismiss the newsletter design as unimportant. But this is no true; the design is important because there are some subscribers who judge things from the way the look. If they see that the design is poor, they think the same of the content and surely do not read it.

It is more appropriate to present your well-written content in a well-designed template. Templates are created with HTML; therefore if you do not know HTML, you will not be able to create your own HTML templates. But you still have an option. There are several websites offering free HTML newsletter templates. You can visit these websites and download the templates. They are usually accompanied by a file containing the coding of the template.

The problem with free templates is that they are not unique to your newsletter. There may be thousands of other newsletters using them. Using an overused template may make your newsletter look less professional. It is possible to splash a touch of uniqueness on your newsletter by customizing your free template. This is much easier than creating a whole template from scratch. All you need to do is to open the coding file with an HTML editor and then make a few edits to it.

You can do this without knowing any HTML. There are special HTML editors which are known as WYSIWYG editors which help people create templates. What these editors actually do is to convert your commands into an HTML format. However, if you do not care about having a unique template, you can simply download the free template and then upload it to your newsletter management software program. When done, you can send your future newsletter issues using it.


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