Experience HTML


In this article we shall go through and explore the HTML experiences. HTML experience is just like fun for developers as well as beginners. As we know HTML is the language for creating web documents. So you first need to learn HTML language if you want to create web pages.

Experiencing HTML language is just gaining and learning your experiences from past and overcome your mistakes and errors. HTML is the markup language to design and implement web pages. HTML is constituted by its elements called “tag”, such as p tag, body tag, b tag etc. These tags are used by us as requirement. We always mention these HTML tags because tags are primary unit to implement HTML in web documents when we walk for experiencing HTML. The most important tags are html, body, head title, image, table, line break, horizontal rule, paragraph, list, anchor and heading. Generally, with the help and support of above mentioned elements, one can create web document easily but there are more elements lies in the category of HTML elements, so will taste little about above mentioned tags that are important.

HTML Table:

In this article, we are only for exploring the ideas with the help and assistance of our experience that is beneficial in. So we are discussing and talking about HTML table. To grab the ideas of table, think and analyze first for tables. “Tables are just like the container for data and information and table used to arrange data in convenient manner”.

HTML Image:

Then think about the HTML image if someone desire to put picture in web document. To reveal the experience in HTML, the participation is being taken by us in discussion about HTML images. Images are frequently used in web pages, it’s easily and way that is beneficial fill the document and do not forget to mention alt attribute in HTML image for SEO purpose.

HTML Paragraph:

While experiencing HTML, it becomes a milestone to share the basic ideas of HTML paragraph. Generally web pages are divided into paragraph to fit predefined layout. Then always use paragraph intelligently if one want his pages are smooth for accessing the website.

HTML Heading:

Now we go through HTML heading, mostly we use HTML heading to write content in bold and large ie that is font heading purpose. There are six type of heading elements available and they are h1, h2, h3, h4, h6 and h5. These headings are in series and in decreasing order ie h1 used for font that is largest and h6 used for smallest font.

HTML Anchor:

HTML anchor used to connect one document to another document on the web. While thinking about HTML anchor and sharing the experience that is HTML it is necessary to spread the idea of anchors. Internet is just like bunch of web pages connecting to each other. Web pages are connected by anchor element. So if you want to move on another page always use anchor tag in your coding.

Cascading Style Sheet:

You are not bond that is only HTML but you need to explore your ideas, capabilities of CSS. Yes, CSS (cascading style sheet) used to set layout and styles of the web pages, again i would like to say that combination of HTML and CSS makes pages stylish. On the real way of experiencing HTML we always move around CSS. So at this point of article I will recommend that it is always a idea that is good implement CSS in HTML document.

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