Create My Own Web Page – You Need a HTML Editor to Bring the Dream to Life


Great, we have a domain name and a hosting company. We have an address to give out and somewhere for our web site to live.

The Internet is not as confusing as people make it to be. An HTML editor is a piece of software that enables you and I to create our own web page. The great new is that as the Internet has grown so have the resources around it. No longer do we have to write using confusing and difficult codes to make a website. The HTML editor does all that stuff in the background.

There are numerous HTML editors online. And the old adage of research, research, and research is the key here. There are lots of fancy expensive products out there for which you can part with a large portion of your cash.

Features of HTML editors to look for are;

o Budget: The price of HTML editors range from free to hundred of dollars. Your choice will depend on your budget and if you have the level of understanding of deal with the high end level of HTMl editors. If you are hanging out a fresh the free products will serve you very well.

o Features: The basic editors have great features which allow you to add images, video clips and great design to your website. The more you spend the greater the features and scope of the products will be. The top end products are excellent and they have a magnitude of features but also a user manual at the similar end of the Richter scale.

o WYSIWYG: Ensure your HTML editor has the ability to easily switch between WYSIWYG and HTML code.

WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get. This will allow you to design your own web page in basic form like a word document. It is always a good idea to view the page in the HTML code so you can start to get an understanding of how this works.

When I create my own web page I find this stage to be of one of most fun. Like anything its takes a bit of time to learn and understand how to use an HTML editor but you can really produce a good looking site with just a basic.

This is the part when you can be creative and add your personality to the site. Do not over do it with too much content. What ever the message is for your site, make it clear and simple to understand.


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