Clocks For The Wall And Now For Your Website?


Design is one of the aspects several people feel passionate about, whether it is home design or website design; the combination of colors and the mixture of designs and elements can make a figure become a true piece of art and things get even better if this form of art is useful in one way or another. Today we will be talking about clocks but not just any type of clocks, these are clocks which are embeddable in your website.

Why a Website Clock?

It would be an understatement to say that a clock is meant to display the time, however when it comes to the web time becomes a relative concept, people from all over the world would visit a site of interest, this holds true with news blogs, celebrity blogs, game sites and any other website which releases content based on a specific time frame, for instance if you have a site which publishes videos every Thursday at around 7 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) then it would be useful for your visitors to display a clock in your website which will allow them to know how long they will have to wait until your next release.

There are other solutions, for instance letting people know your time zone so that they could figure out the time difference and visit your site by the time the content becomes available, but this is very inconvenient and if you have built your website to attract visitors, not providing them with the right tools would be a very silly way to loose a good audience.

When it comes to clocks for the web there are many styles and formats used, for instance some people are tech savvy and can code PHP code which will display the date, time and everything a clock would display on their websites, however most people are not interested in playing with the source code and prefer using widgets for their website, if code has to be dealt with then it is helpful to get source code which is easy to copy and paste, which is exactly the way many websites with great tools offer their widgets for instance CNBC offers several widgets and source code which can be copied and pasted in your website, if the financial widget is relevant to your site that is.

Widgets and source code is not hard to embed on a website, even if you have a free hosted site all you need to have is access to your HTML source code in order to paste simple code, if you work with content management tools and blog software such as Movable Type, Joomla or WordPress all you have to do is find the widget section or template code in order to include a fashionable clock which will help your visitors know what your current time is. Functionality is what web 2.0+ is all about.


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