Building Fast Loading Web Pages


Every web designer aims at designing fast loading Web pages. The reason is that the web users are always in a hurry. They will go to another site if they are not able to find what they want quickly and easily.

The visitors to your site are not going to wait for one minute or more for a single page to download. According to some experts if your home page does not load within eight seconds time then approximately one third of the visitors have the ability to get frustrated and leave from the web-site.

There are some solutions that will make sure that your site downloads before users get frustrated and goes away.
Unnecessary code is added to your web pages by many programs. Eliminate unnecessary code and extra tags which you have left behind while editing your web pages. Cascading Style Sheets can be used as far as possible. They produce a clean code. Almost the same layout and information can be presented by a CSS designed page as an HTML page using one-third the amount of code.

Use graphics, scripts, and Flash where it is required. The image files such as GIFs and JPEGs are the easiest to optimize. Make sure you optimize the large files. Your online images can be optimized by many third-party applications. Graphic buttons must be replaced by text links. Never use images to display blocks of text.

Keep your web pages light with limited number of images and text links so that the page downloads in fractions of seconds. Take the example of Google's home page which has one image and select number of text links. It is a perfect example of page size and download optimization. Users will reward you with more traffic if you keep your web pages light.
You must reevaluate your site architecture if you have tried all these tips but the download time is not coming less than six seconds. There may be the case that you might be putting too much information on each page.


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