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In Internet Marketing the reason you write articles is to drive targeted traffic to your website. Article Marketing has become so popular over the last few ears that the article directories are getting overwhelmed with article submissions. In article directories with strict guidelines it could some times take up to a month for your article to even get reviewed, and quite possibly denied. On the other hand some directories will accept any article that get submitted to them. The difference between the two is quantity and quality. The good directories are looking for good QUALITY CONTENT, and the others are just looking for quantity, not really the quality of the articles that are submitted to them. In this article I will go over 6 of the reasons your articles will fail to get accepted by article directories.

You can submit 5 articles a day to directories and still not get the results you are looking for. Why do you think that is? The main reason for this is the quality of your article. You see the key to article writing is not the quantity of articles but the quality of the content in the articles. And quite frankly good quality starts with good grammar. The biggest turn off for any reader is trying to read a piece filled with grammatical errors. So clean up your article before submitting it.

Secondly you want the reader to walk away having learned something from your article. You want to give them good quality information. In order to accomplish this you need to do some research on the subject. You can read posts in forums, blogs, or other articles that are relevant to the subject you are writing about. By doing this you can be assured that you will write a well informed article, and start to distinguish yourself as an expert on any subject you choose to write about.

Writing an article that is nothing but a sales pitch for your program or your self is the third reason your article will fail. Having a well informed article is what you want but the information should not be a sales pitch. You have to remember that people are looking for someone or something that they can trust. They are constantly getting bombarded with ads and sales pitches already. They should not have to be presented with an 800 word article that is nothing but and ad. In addition you would not be doing your credibility a favor. The resource box is where you want to pitch your wares. Just use common sense when putting your resource box together and you should be fine. You want your resource box to be relevant with what the article is about, an example of not doing this would be writing an article about dog grooming and than the links in your resource box point to your fishing sites.

The fourth reason you will fail is if your article is poorly written. What I mean by this is that your article is all over the place. Look it’s really simple you have to have a title, introduction, body, and conclusion. The title should catch the readers eye, attention. The introduction will give them an overview if what the article will be about, further getting the readers attention. The body will discuss each pint of the subject, all the while keeping the readers interest. The conclusion is where you tie everything together and touch on some minor points you might have missed. Hopefully by now you will have the reader interested enough in what you wrote they will want to see more of your work and click on your link.

The fifth and sixth reason I will touch on together because they both effect each other greatly. The first of which is original content. Please make sure that your content is actually yours. Plagiarizing you work can get you into a lot of trouble and basically ruin your credibility. When I mentioned in the second paragraph that you can go to different sites and read posts, articles, and blogs to do research that is exactly what I meant. Get Ideas of what to write about, but by no means should you copy any portion of that authors article or post with out first getting their permission.Secondly by not using original content you are sending the message that you are not trustworthy and you really do not know what you are writing about.

As you can see it is really not difficult to write good quality articles. If you just follow these six simple rules and use some common sense you will have a really great article writing campaign. Make sure You use good grammar in you articles, get some help in that area if you need it. Your articles must be informative and not gibberish. Don’t write a sales pitch and distinguish yourself as an expert. Make sure you write a well formatted article with the following outline. Title, introduction, body, conclusion. And finally always use original content, never plagiarize your articles, this will give you a reputation of not being trustworthy.

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