Why Is HTML 5 Better Than Previous Versions?


HTML 5 is the latest update on the web design and software development market. It collected a lot of positive responses since its launch last year and has proved to be an alternative to flash while providing compatibility to all kinds of browsers. HTML 5 is referred to as a standard standard ie it's being regularly monitored and improved for enhanced functionality. Here are the top reasons why HTML 5 beats its predecessors.

What makes HTML 5 different?

HTML 5 was built keeping in mind the demands of current businesses and the expectations of the end user. There was a dramatic decision to distinguish the process by which the browser will interpret the file from the way a developer writes it.

User agents will decode HTML 4 constructs like center element but HTML 5 will not use center elements any more. HTML 5 uses CSS instead with improved results and better functionality. The process has been designed in a way that old browsers do not face any compatibility issue.

HTML 5 is frame-less

Most software developers and web design professionals intrinsically hate handling frames. The process of using the elements of frame, frameset, no frames is tedious and complicated. HTML 5 does away with frames using using CSS instead.

Applets, big, base font, acronym, center, strike, dir and U will be removed and their functions will be handled by other processes. HTML 5 retains the use of tables but does not allow their use for placement of Pixels anymore. This is done because when web tools are used to procure data inside documents (which have incorporated the use of tables to align pages) they produce confusing results.

So commands like align, bgcolour, cell padding, height, rules, valign, cell spacing, border and width will not be used anymore and all their uses have to be achieved by using CSS. Software developers have to invest some time to learn CSS properly but this for the best interests of the industry in the long run.

HTML 5 makes coding simple

Browsers of all sorts coming up in future will be faster and powerful because of this move toward cloud computing. HTML 5 provides the opportunity for all software developers who work on web design to use lean streamlined code and leave the hard work to the browser. This has happened because of the use of AJAX and video / audio embedding.

The new elements include aside, figure, figcaption, article, footer, header, nav, summary, section and figcaption and all of these refer only to the internal structure of the document.

What makes HTML 5 good news for the future?

HTML 5 defines a single markup language that can be written by using either XHTML or HTML. Interoperable implementations are encouraged by the use of sophisticated processing models. Markup for docs is rationalized and improved while "Application programming Interfaces" are used for handling complicated web based applications.

All these reasons make HTML 5 the ideal partner for mobile technology. In fact the 2011 research report of Strategy Analytics clear states that the sales forecast of Mobile phones and tablets which are compatible with HTML 5 will cross the 1 billion mark.


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