What Is Dreamweaver?


Dreamweaver is a piece of software made by Adobe that is very popular with Web Developers the world over. Dreamweaver supports an impressive array of languages, everything from Chinese to Turkish. This software enables the user to create many online applications that require an HTML code behind them. The majority of HTML is to be found behind the scenes of most websites.

Dreamweaver is one of the most popular web development programs on the market today. Originally created by Macromedia, the program is now developed by Adobe systems which bought Macromedia for a reported $3.4billion in 2005.

The program is written in the C++ programming language and one of its most impressive features is the large number of languages it supports. In total there are sixteen languages from Brazilian Portuguese to Swedish to Traditional Chinese.

The number of languages as helped make Dreamweaver a Worldwide product and since its original launch the program has continued to grow in popularity, and is now the number one choice for many web developers around the world.

What is Dreamweaver for?

At a basic level, Dreamweaver is a HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) editor which allows web developers to create HTML based websites. However as web technologies have evolved, so to has Dreamweaver, and it now includes support for various “server-side” scripting languages such as ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor).This allows developers to create more complex websites with the added functionality that the server-side languages bring.

The interface of Dreamweaver is another reason for its success. There are three ways of viewing the website you are creating:

  • Code View – This allows you to see the code of your website.
  • Design View – This allows you to see the layout of your website
  • Design and Code – This allows you to see both the code and the design, meaning you can select code elements and see which part of the webpage they affect.

The design and code view allows developers to make changes quickly and easily, seeing their results in realtime. There is then the option to upload the files to a webserver using FTP (file transfer protocol) or SFTP (SSH or Secure File Transfer Protocol)

Adobe Creative Suite

Perhaps the biggest attraction to Dreamweaver now it is under the Adobe banner is its integration with other Adobe Programs, such as Fireworks and Photoshop. Making use of the creative suite allows you to design stunning websites with powerful functionality.

This is great if you’re a professional designer because you have all the tools to create websites that will satisfy your clients. However it is also great if your not a professional but need to design a website yourself, because again you have all the tools you need to write and edit code as well as create professional images for your website.

Dreamweaver looks set to remain at the very forefront of Web design software, because although there are alternatives available, very few have the same level of functionality brought by the Adobe Creative Suite.


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