What Are Proxy Sites?


If you were ever wondering how people accessed myspace and other social networking websites at school and work when all you received was the schools error page then they were probably using a proxy site.

Proxy sites help to bypass filters created by network administrators at your school or work place, these are in place to stop students or employees from accessing websites which are not supposed to be accessed mainly due to the irrelevancy that they have with your job or education.

There are different types of proxy servers which can be created some which use the server its self to put a server request through without contacting the specified server.

Other proxy sites use the World Wide Web this being the most common type of proxy site the “web proxy” these are used as a web cache providing access to blacklisted websites.

Proxy sites also help to allow banned IP addresses that may have been blacklisted from certain websites filtered access back in to that website.

You can create your own proxy site very easily with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as a slight knowledge of PHP. If you’re unsure how to create a proxy site you can learn by reading my own free proxy eBook which you can download here free proxy eBook. Proxy sites offer you access to every website that may of before been blocked, your able to surf and chat also giving you the choice to surf YouTube and watching videos. Proxy sites are often slower than entering the website from the normal route due to the bypassing they have to do however they are generally fast enough.


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