Top Firefox Add-Ons for Developers & Designers


Mozilla Firefox is becoming a very widely used browser; this is mainly due to its speed, security and add-ons. The add-ons are designed by developers to help make your experience of Firefox a better one. There are some great add-ons to aid the work of website developers and designers; this means that all work can be carried out in the browser itself including such things as code debugging and screenshots.

In this article we are going to take you through the best add-ons for web designers and developers, hopefully making life easier.

Add-on 1 – Firebug

Firebug is a great plug-in; it enables you to de-bug codes such as JavaScript, HTML and Ajax. You can also monitor CSS in a live webpage. There are a number of extensions to Firebug which will allow you to add even more development tools. Many developers and designers couldn't be without this great add-on.

Add -on 2 Screengrab

If you are looking for great screenshots of web pages maybe for a portfolio or some instructions on how to use a certain web application then screengrab is the option for you. The screengrab add-on for Firefox allows you to take various screenshots such as:

  • The whole webpage
  • A section selected by you
  • The visible portion of screen

You are fully in control of what shot you would like and then it allows you to save it anywhere on your computer as a JPG or PNG without the need to edit in a photo editing package.

Add-on 3 CSS Mate

This Firefox add-on allows you to edit CSS files on a live webpage. You can load several CSS files into individual tabs helping you to organize everything just how you like, from there you can edit your files. Another add-on option like this is EditCSS.

Add-on 4 HTML Validator

HTML Validator allows you to validate your HTML code without the need to go elsewhere. The validation is W3C compliant which will make sure that your website is fully accessible. By passing validation your code will keep to the current web standard which is a must for any website.

Add-on 5 Y Slow

Y-Slow is a Yahoo add-on for Firefox which checks live webpage load times. With more and more search engines taking load time into consideration for website rankings it is vital that your website loads as quickly as possible.

Y-Slow helps to identify where you could do better with load times by checking code and images for file size. It will make suggestions on what could be done to make the page quicker such as compressing images and shortening certain codes.

Add-on 6 Link Checker

If you want to test out the validation of your website links then install this add-on. It will check your live web pages link structure to make sure each one is working correctly and is linked to the right place. This is a lot simpler than going through it in a HTML editor such as Dreamweaver.

Mozilla Firefox add-ons are a great way to improve your work times with many things being carried out on a live site, so you can check that everything is how you want it and if it isn't then edit it there and then without the need to have multiple programs open.


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