The Ultimate CSS Reference – Book Review


I just finished reading "The Ultimate CSS reference" by Tommy Olson and Paul O'Brien. As the owner of a web development forum that focuses on CSS, I try to read as many books on CSS as I can. My expectations were very high because I have been reading Tommy Olson's CSS blog for years and I am a big fan of his. I am happy to report that I was not disappointed; this is a great reference guide for CSS.

As the title suggests, this is indeed a reference guide, with that being said, I still read it cover to cover. The book is very thorough and covers every CSS attribute from CSS 1 to CSS 3. The book is very nicely laid out and the chapters make sense and are well ordered. You can read this book strait through or put it on your shelf and dig it out to look up something specific. I really like how the authors paid close attention to the compatibility issues with the major and even minor browsers, from IE, Firefox, Safari and even Opera.

A problem with this book is that although it was written recently, it is out of date already. The Internet moves so fast that it is almost impossible to stay completely up to date. It would be great for them to come out with an update for this book.

In closing, this book is a must for every web designer, from the newbie just starting out to the most senior designer out there.


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