Joomla Template Tutorial – Changing File Permissions


There may be times when you would like to edit your Joomla template files and this can be done either from within Joomla itself or by editing the file on your computer. For this example let's imagine we want to edit the template.css file of the beez template that comes with Joomla.

Editing Joomla Templates from inside Joomla:

Login to your Administrator area of ​​Joomla

The Control Panel will show

Click Extensions / Template Manager from the Menu bar

The Template Manager will show

Choose the Template you wish to edit ie beez

The Template Edit page will display

Let's picture you wish to edit the template.css file

Select Edit.css

The Template CSS Editor page will display listing all the css files that are linked with your Joomla web web site

Notice that in most cases all the files will be unwritable.

To amend these files you will need to amend the permissions so that you can change the coding

This is where it becomes a little more complicated especially if you are not familiar with FTP (File Transfer Program)

You will need an FTP product to change the permissions such as Filezilla or you could download a 30 day trial of Dreamweaver

Whichever program you choose, login to your server where you will see a list of files intended for your joomla site

Navigate to the Template folder and then to the folder of the template you wish to change. For this example let's use beez

Select the beez folder and you will notice a folder called css

Choose the css folder and you will see the template.css

If you are using Dreamweaver, right click on the template.css

The Microsoft Windows pop up display will display and you will notice an option called Set Permissions

In support of other programs you will need to read the manual

Choose the Set Permissions option

The File Access Properties screen will display and you will see that the file is set to 755 in other terms it can be read and executed by everyone but not except for the owner of the file

Change the permission to 777 which will give everyone access to read, write and execute the file

Be aware that this file is now vulnerable so you want to alter it back as quickly as you can to 755

Open up your Template Edit Page in Joomla

You may want to refresh the page plus you will now see that your template.css file is writeable

Click template.css and click the edit button

The Template Manager page will display and you can make your adjustments

Click the Save button when you have finished your changes

Confirm that your changes have been reflected in your web site

You might need to close the browser and open it once more for you to be able to notice the amendments

Return to your FTP application and set the permissions back to 755 so that your file can not be written to

The second way of editing your template.css file is to download the file to your PC:

With your FTP application login to your server

Go to the Template folder and then to the folder of the template you wish to edit. For this example let's use beez

Choose the beez folder and you will notice a folder called css

Click the css folder and you will see the template.css

Download the file to your PC

In Dreamweaver you are able to simply double click on the file

You will not have to worry about permits

I suggest you create a copy of this file incase you make a mistake so name it something similar to templateBACKUP.css

Open the file and make your adjustments

Upload the file back to the original folder. This will overwrite the first file

Refresh your browser and see your amendments.


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