How to Select a Good CSS Template For Your Site


It is no secret that many Webmasters have switched over from traditional HTML table design to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) design due to the many advantages that CSS provides. In fact, World Wide Web Consortium has also recommended the use of CSS in website design whenever possible.

With many benefits CSS can bring to you as a Webmaster, this article illustrates how you can choose a good CSS template for your new website. This is very important because no CSS designers are alike and not everyone can design a perfect conforming template using CSS. Hence, I intend to shed some light to help you select a suitable CSS template or layout for your website.

The main reason for most Webmasters to choose CSS is the minimum maintenance effort. However, there are Designers who terribly misuse this powerful CSS technique. Hence, in selecting a CSS template, you should look into the codes to see if there are well-commented. It is important for every block to be commented as this makes future modification easier. Another important point to look out is to ensure that most, if not, all the blocks should be named logically. At the first glance, you should be able to tell what positions the blocks reside in the entire layout.

In any programming languages, naming convention is critical especially to ensure that the outcome is highly customized. If possible, you should also choose one design that uses external style sheet linking as this is the most flexible use of CSS and is highly recommended.

Another important factor is to consider is the number of images used in the layout. You may be tempted to pick one layout or template that has a beautiful image especially when it comes to the header banner but let me stress this. You should not pick layout that uses a lot of images because this will limit your creativity when using the template. The more images the template use, the more difficult it is for you to create a totally unique design. Hence, I always choose a CSS template that uses minimal number of images.

The final tip to remember is to select CSS templates that do not have flash or JavaScript enabled. This is because flash animations and JavaScript is hard to amend especially for people who do not have prior knowledge on these languages.

To conclude, CSS layout or template can help you to head start any website easily but you still have to pick the correct template out of the million free templates out there. Another good alternative is to download a professional paid template so that quality can be ensured.


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