How To Make Your Website Load Faster


Do you find it often that your website take too much time to load? If that is the case, you must take necessary steps to make it faster or else your customers will be distracted from accessing your page. A quick to respond website will be appreciated by your potential clients. Fast response from your website make your visitors comeback regularly.

Following are some trouble shooting steps which helps you to make your website load faster.

Check the time taken for downloading the web pages. Before you check the speed, clear all the cache from your browser memory and disable any web accelerator program you may be using temporarily. When you work on the improvements check for this speed regularly.

Please avoid overdoing graphics or flash works in your homepage. If your homepage contains too much graphics, then the page naturally will take more time to load. Use graphics only where it is absolutely required, to justify the content you have in your website.

Use external style sheet (CSS) regularly. By using an external style sheet for the formatting purpose of your web page, you are actually helping the web page to load faster. The style sheet once downloaded by the visitor's browser will remain in the cache of the browser. This will help subsequent page downloads faster. Use CSS to specify the font style and other formatting through your website.

To load a webpage faster, it should be hosted on a high-speed server. The speed of the hosting server boosts the loading of your web page.

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