Free Amazon aStore Themes – Increase Your Sales

12 gives us an opportunity to create our own online store which is called “aStore”. It is quite a good affiliate product that we can choose whatever goods in Amazon to sell. Although Amazon lets us edit style of store, we can edit just CSS style sheet. A lot of people do not decorate their aStore themes and use default themes Amazon provided. There are a thousand of people uses the same theme. What do customers think about it? There are some websites that give decorated themes such as the website at the bottom of this content.

Naturally, people want to buy products from a good-looking store. Themes are very important to aStore because sales can be increased by decorating themes. Why do not we increase our income by creating a beautiful theme? I had seen many aStore with the same theme. Speaking personally, I do not think that customers will buy products from this store. If you spend lot of time doing search engine optimization with a bad-looking store, it will not be effectiveness.

To create a unique aStore theme it takes about 15-30 minutes. It is quite easy for people who know about CSS style sheet; however, it takes more time for beginners. According to my experience, editing CSS style sheet is not difficult. You can find information about CSS style sheet on many websites. In fact, there are lots of tools that help us to edit it. Any online stores should be designed to be simple and reliable. These factors are some parts of customer determination before buying products. We have to be concerned about these. Please remember that we build a store for humans not for robots.


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