Dreamweaver Tips – How to Make a Table With a Border


In Dreamweaver you have many choices on how you want your website to look. One of the easiest ways to get your site up and running fast is by using tables.

Tables are square and rectangular areas on your site that will hold information such as a header or image or a footer. Inserting a table using dreamweaver is very easy but what if you want that area to have a border? There are a few ways to do this without using CSS.

The easiest way is to simply choose, Insert and then click table. You will be presented with a dialog box. This is where you define the table properties and one of them is a border. You can choose the border size with a numerical value. Once you choose a value the table is inserted and then you can choose the border color. This is the simplest way but it also gives you the least amount of control.

There is another way to do this which gives you more control and you do not have to use CSS if you do not want to. Insert a new table. When you are presented with the table dialog box choose 1 for table cell padding. You now have a new table inserted into your document. Now put your mouse cursor inside that table and make the background of the table the color that you would like the border to be. I am choosing black. Now insert a new table inside this existing black table. Once you have done that you must make the background color of your newest table the same background as the rest of your document for me it was white. Now I have a nested table but it looks like one table with a very small hairline border! The table padding is what is creating what appears to be a border.


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