Dreamweaver Table Properties


The Properties panel in Dreamweaver 8 allows you to control the appearance and configuration of most elements in your Dreamweaver document. The Properties panel allows you to create and configure tables within your document.

Create a table by inserting it into the document. Click on the

tag to bring up the Table Properties panel. You can also click on the and tags to bring up a Table Properties panel that will apply your preferences to just those table elements. The Table Properties panel is visually divided into top and bottom sections.

The Table Properties panel allows you to assign a name or other identifier to your table, using the Table ID field. You can also define the number of rows and columns in your table by changing the numbers within the Row and Column fields in this panel.

The Table Properties panel allows you to define the width and height properties of the table. These values ​​are ignored if the content in your table exceeds the set boundaries.

CellPad allows you to define the padding around each cell of the table.

CellSpace allows you to define the number of pixels between each cell.

A pull-down menu that contains pre-defined alignment options controls the alignment within the table cells that contains pre-defined alignment options.

Border allows you to define a table border. A "0" value indicates no border.

Class allows you to select any available CSS classes or create a CSS class for your table.

The bottom section of the Table Properties panel contains controls that allow you to set the background color, background image and border color for your table. The background color will accept a hex value. Alternately, you can choose your colors using the color picker.

If you plan to use a background image, enter the file system path to the background image in the Bg Image text box. The box also provides a browse function for you to locate the image file.

You can also set the color of your table borders, as long as your border size is not set to "0." If it is, this option will be unavailable.

We'll continue our examination of the Properties Panel in a future post.


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