Div Tags and Layers in Dreamweaver 8


The Div Property Panel in Dreamweaver 8 is small and straightforward.

Selecting a tag will bring up the Div Properties Panel. The DivID field will allow you to assign a reference to the div. You can also assign any available CSS class. You can also create a new CSS class, if desired.

Layers can also be created with Dreamweaver. A layer is a kind of tag. To create a layer, choose Insert> Layout Objects> Layer. If you click the tag that defines the layer, the Layer Properties panel will open.

LayerID will allow you to assign a code reference to the layer.

L, T allows you to define the location of the left top corner of the layer.

W, H allows you to define the width and height of the layer.

Z-Index allows you to determine the order of the layer on the page. This is used if you have multiple layers or if you place a layer over other content.

Vis controls the visibility of a layer. Using code, you can control the visibility of a layer, triggering it on an event, for example. By default, layers are visible.

Bg Image allows you to define the file path to a background image. You can also browse for the image location, using the browse controls to the right of the box.

Bg color allows you to set the background color of your layer.

As with other elements, Class will allow you to apply any available class to your layer. Alternately, you may define your own class.

Overflow specifies how the layer should handle content that exceeds the defined layer boundaries.

Clip allows you to define a rectangular area that limits the layer content to the established boundaries. Any content that falls outside of the boundaries will be clipped.

We'll continue our Dreamweaver 8 configuration tour in future posts.


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