CSS – Its Advantages and Disadvantages


CSS is a short abbreviated form of the Cascade Style sheets that was introduced to the world in the year 1996. The aim of CSS is to reduce the time involved in designing web pages. CSS is the final concept with more advanced development. It aims to separate the content of any webpage from the design of the page. Content including the images, written copy, audio or video files can be kept in that page only and the coding for the design of the page including issues the font size, font selection, size of different sections, accessibility through different browsers can be kept in a separate CSS file. This file can be linked to the main page internally or externally.

CSS makes the designing and presentation presentation easier for the designers and content writers. There are many advantages of the CSS to the designers and programmers as listed below.

  1. CSS makes the designing work easier
  2. CSS reduces the code because the design codes can be kept in a separate file and one does not need to write the same code in each page but only reference of the file including the design code.
  3. CSS reduces the coding time by reducing the total coding lines
  4. CSS reduces the page load time by reducing the total coding lines and the page loads faster than before
  5. CSS is good for Search Engine Ranking because search engines look for content and when CSS is used then the search engines are able to read more text and very few lines of text whereas if CSS is not used then CSS has to read design codes also with the main content and this makes difficult for the search engines to give better search results and thus the sites are not able to rank higher in the search engines.

With so many advantages CSS has now become the choice of most of the designers but to accomplish the designing task successfully, the designers must also be well aware of the disadvantages. There are some bugs also in the use of CSS. For example, the box widths are interpreted differently in the different browsers. The boxes appear too narrow when visited in the Internet Explorer. Avoidance of these types of bugs is possible but the designers must know how to avoid these bugs.

So CSS can be very good for the designers but only if they are well aware about the advantages and disadvantages of it.


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