CSS Benefits in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


There are things to consider if your ultimate goal is to optimize your website. Some of these are:

1. File size – Always be reminded that web pages of a particular website should be light in terms of file size. It would be hard for search engine spiders to categorize an overly heavy web page filled with HTML "junk text".

2. Content – An extremely readable content is an important key to remember in order to create a rich content code that will help in optimizing the content of any web page. Always maintain a good content to code ratio. By doing this you will also prevent an overly heavy web page; ensuring a file size that is ideal for search engine spiders to categorize the site.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is an important tool to use in order to benefit Search Engine Optimization (SEO). CSS is used to refine a certain page in order to achieve a page that is spider friendly. Spider friendly page means a page that is created with maximized keywords making it easier for "web crawlers" to recognize and categorize them properly.

Websites designed with the use of CSS are ranked higher than table-based websites because of the following reasons:

1. CSS codes are more accessible because CSS codes are cleaner making them easily readable by search engine spiders.

2. CSS designed web pages load faster than table-based web pages because the code weight is low and lighter than table-based web pages.

3. When using CSS, you can put the most important content and links to the top of the file where "crawlers" can find these essential elements in a quick and easy manner. If you are an Internet Marketing Professional, you should be aware that search engines pay more attention to the text found on the top of the file rather than those located at the end of the file. These important texts are considered clues about the whole content of the website that we are promoting. Do you think it would be wise to put your clues on the end part of your web content?

If you are a wise webmaster you will get the clear and wide view that this article is pointing out – A clear and well presented website for search engine optimization.


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