Building HTML Websites Can Be a Daunting Task


Building your first website can be a daunting task especially if you decide to do it using HTML. HTML which stands for HyperText Markup Language is the language of the web. In order to accomplish the task of building HTML websites you are going to have to learn the language.

To see what HTML code looks likes take any page that you are on, on the internet, and right click, a drop down box will appear. On this menu you can click on View page source and what comes up next is the page written in HTML. At first glance it can seem quite intimidating but when you really look at it you will see patterns emerge. For instance certain symbols will appear throughout and when you really study this you will understand the one symbol is the beginning and the other is the end. Just like any sentence you need a beginning and an end.

Of course building HTML websites also involves other languages as well such as CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Using CSS saves one a lot of work.

As websites evolved so to speak and tags were added into the mix developing large websites became a nightmare for website developers. If you wanted, for example, to change the font throughout your 30 page website, the developer had to go to each individual page to do this. Thus CSS was created. Instead of going through page after page of your website and changing the appearance of every page it could now be done through editing one file. By editing a CSS file you are able to change the appearance and layout of all your pages at once.

The nice thing about HTML and CSS is they are supported by all the different browsers, so whether you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer they will be able to read and display the web page you are attempting to view.

It would be nice if that was all there was to building HTML websites but yes you guessed it there is more. To really add to your website you might want some special effects or customized graphics and you might want to create security passwords and so much more. To add all these things to your website another programming language is used called java-script.

As you can see building HTML websites can be quite an undertaking and your first website does not need all the bells and whistles. There are many online editors for free and there are many tutorials about HTML, CSS and java-script. Building your first HTML website will be your hardest but it will b e a memorable occasion and one that you may not to really have to do.


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