Building a Website – From Scratch, Website Building Software, Or Hire a Web Developer?


Is building your own website something you’ve contemplated? If yes, then depending on your objective, there are several factors that should influence the method you decide to use to build it. Maybe you’re up to the task of building it from scratch using HTML and CSS, maybe purchasing website building software makes more sense, or perhaps hiring someone to build your website for you is the way to go. I considered all three options when I decided that I wanted to build a website.

I rejected the idea of hiring someone to build my website. First of all, I’m a tightwad and I don’t want to spend the money to have someone else do what I can do myself. My budget is limited. What I do have is time and a strong desire to learn something new. I don’t want to give up even one iota of control over the quality of the markup. I also don’t want to have to contact the builder every time I’d like to make a change. Hiring someone might mean that my website can go live much sooner, but the cost and lack of control are enough for me to reject this option.

I rejected the idea of purchasing website building software to build my website. Again, I’m a tightwad and some of the website building software out there is very expensive. Sure, there’s free website building software, but you know what they say… you get what you pay for. Using software won’t teach me anything except how to use the software. I’m a nuts and bolts person, learning from the ground up is exciting for me.

I accepted the idea of building my website from scratch. I am definitely a novice website builder, but I have a strong analytical and technical background. Okay, so my background is in mainframe application development using Cobol (hold the laughter, please) and I don’t know a thing about HTML and CSS, but markup is just a different type of code, right? I don’t have a Cobol job anymore (I was laid off), I have strong learning capabilities, I’m tenacious and determined, and building from scratch will help me develop a valuable new skill set that I’ll be able to use indefinitely. I’m a very organized person who learns new things very methodically and I have a plan. I’m tackling this project by investing in some good instructional books that will teach me from the ground up. I started with Build Your Own Website the Right Way Using HTML and CSS by Ian Lloyd at Sitepoint. I also invested in some good HTML and CSS reference books. These will be important to have when I get into the deeper stuff. My goal is to have my first website up and running within the next 3 weeks or so. Of course, I’ve been reading and learning for the last 5 weeks, so I’m ready to begin!

If you’re thinking about building your own website, but you have no technical background and no desire to get into writing markup, then hiring someone to build your website makes sense. Using software might be less stressful than building from scratch because software will be more user-friendly. But, if you’re a nuts and bolts person like I am, then you’ll love the challenge of building from scratch. All of the methods have pros and cons, but your final decision has everything to do with your personal goals and objectives.


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