Best Secure Web Browser: NetSurf Browser Review


NetSurf is a small and efficient multi-platform web browser for Linux, Unix, and RISC OS fans. Whether you want to check your mail, post comments on forums, or read the news, NetSurf is a great option. This interactive web browser comes with a wide range of features such as mouse gestures, access keys, ad filtering, and high portability. NetSurf has its own layout engine licensed under GPL version 2.

This open source web browser is completely free. The project was started in 2002 in response to a discussion about the deficiencies of the existing web browsers on the RISC OS platform. The whole browser and all its features roughly measure 5MB. NetSurf supports HTTPS, CSS 2.1, HTML4, and Unicode content. This program is ideal for users who don’t have gigabytes of memory to allocate to surfing the Web. Its developers continue to squeeze more speed out of their code.

NetSurf is standards compliant and comes with lots of great features such as:

• Search-as-you-type text search highlighting
• URL completion
• Text selection
• Supports JPG, PNG, MNG, JPEG, SVG, BMP, and GIF
• HTTPS for secure online transactions
• High portability
• High speed
• User friendly interface
• Tabbed browsing
• Incremental finding
• Pop-up blocking
• Page zooming
• Spell checking
• Form input
• HTML 4 and CSS 2.1 support
• Bookmarks manager
• Global history
• Fast and lightweight engine
• Standards compliant

This lightweight browser has pioneered the concept of web page thumbnailing. Its intuitive interface is designed by RISC OS users to integrate well with the desktop. Installing NetSurf is quite easy. All you have to do is to download a copy of the browser from its official website, open the archive, and install the supplied programs. When you load this browser for the first time, you will be automatically redirected to its homepage.

NetSurf has several options, including Page, Display, Navigation, Object, Utilities, Help, and NetSurf Choices. Users can save web pages to their computers or export them as text files. You can view the HTML source code for the current web page, get information about the images displayed on a page, and move around the pages that you have visited. This compact browser allows users to scale the view of the current page and customize the NetSurf toolbar by adding or removing buttons and icons. When using NetSurf, you can see all the websites that you have visited over a certain period of time. Users can also view and delete cookies. NetSurf features an interactive help option, as well as a comprehensive help section.


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