A MySpace Sidebar – It’s Simple Using DIV


How would you like to have a column on the left side of your MySpace profile in which you could place anything you like? Even better, what if this column was never covered when some one’s browser window is smaller than the MySpace layout “grid”? Well the solution is much simpler than you might think, and I am going to give it to you right now. I’m not going in depth into the workings of CSS or the MySpace structure. There are a lot of great CSS tutorial sites out there to learn the deeper and more complex aspects of modifying your MySpace layout and MySpace background. Just type MySpace tutorials into Google. Here, I am just going to give you the code and brief explanations of what it does.

First, just to make sure you understand what I am speaking of, visit my MySpace layout at profile sbccjohn (I would recommend opening a new tab/window for reference). Notice the grey box in the upper left corner (I left it plain so it would stand out). Now make your browser window smaller using the resize corner and notice how the banner ad and table stops when it gets near the box. I’ll show you why and how it does this.

Let’s dive right into this MySpace layout modification by looking at the code.

Here is the code that actually builds the box seen in the sidebar. Place this CSS code wherever you put your own modification code. I prefer the top of the “About Me” edit box:

</p> <div left 15px 7px 150px 400px solid black 0 0 eeeeee><xmp></p> <style></style> <p>


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