6 Reasons You Should Use CSS In Your Website


Today most web designers are using CSS within building a website. CSS simply means Cascading Style Sheet.

This is a separate page to your main website and no one but you and your designer will see it.

The purpose of CSS's is to make websites load faster and to have customized text, tables, forms, colors, and much more. The use of CSS is the most used style there is today.

I have listed below 5 good reasons for using CSS when building your website:

1. The content of your website – your content is controlled by the style sheet. When you need to make a change to the color or font style, it will automatically change through out your website.

2. Load time is less – Because style sheets are not actually a website in html, they are what is called lightweight. This makes your website load much faster, up to 5 to 10 times faster which is good for your visitors.

3. Saves on your bandwidth – since style sheets do not require a lot of space or uploading, it saves your servers on bandwidth.

4. Better Search Engine results – by using CSS you have the ability to put your content first on the CSS so the search engines will spider it first. CSS also makes your website coding much cleaner, this way search engines can separate the junk code from your real content that you want spidered.

5. Style Sheets are more compatible with browsers – since there are more and more new browsers popping up all over the internet, it's important to make sure your website is compatible with all them. By using CSS this makes it much easier for all browsers to read your content.

6. Your website can be viewed by most all media formats – today there are so many different types of media people use to view webpages, it's important to be able to accommodate all of them, at least the majority ones.

Since you can use more than one type of style sheet on your website. you can configure each style sheet to be compatible with the different types of media.

You should consider using CSS on your website to help make your life easier and your visitors happy. Using them helps your site load faster and also makes editing or updating your website easier. They also save you bandwidth and space on your server.


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